Not Just Another Season

The smoke from 4th of July fireworks has barely cleared and grilling season is upon us.  I have never been a huge fan of summer(except, of course, when I was a student) with the heat and crowds but I endure it because I know it is a prelude to my favorite time of year. Fall will soon be here.  Opening of dove season, the start of the NFL and shortly thereafter, duck season!!  However, this fall is going to be little different for me.  You see, my hunting partner and fly fishing buddy of the last 40 plus years passed away a few months ago–he was also my dad. The thought has crossed my mind a time or two that maybe it is time to hang it up–quit hunting.  I know that is not what he would have wanted and deep down it is not really what I want either. Why give up something that I truly enjoy because of the grief I am feeling. Maybe continuing to hunt and taking my son–like he took me–would be a better way of honoring his memory!!

So I will be out there chasing birds as in the past but it will not be just another season. I am looking forward to some great hunts; maybe meeting and hunting with some new people. Oh, I have a new hunting partner and he is a pretty good one but I am thinking expanding my horizons and trying some new things.

Maybe this blog will be part therapy for me…maybe I have a few stories to tell or some wisdom to impart.  I do not pretend to be a duck hunting expert but I may have something to add that will make you think??  I have always said… ask 5 different duck hunters how to place their decoys or what the best duck call is and you will get 7 different answers!!   I am thinking of this blog as on ongoing discussion so feel free to tell me where you think I missed the mark or, if so inclined, what a genius I am!!!

8 thoughts on “Not Just Another Season”

  1. Love this TalksWithTeal, you rock!! I will be praying for you as you walk through this next season. Your Dad would be so proud of you!

  2. So sorry to hear about your daddy TalksWithTeal. I lost mine almost 5 years ago, today I saw a pile of wood and remembered the good times we had cutting and splitting wood together. I loved doing that with my dad. He was an avid duck hunter as are my boys and husband. It is terrible that we are cousins and don’t know each other. The boys all hunt public land over in Los Banos and Sacramento. Maybe you all should get together and have a hunt day. My middle son LOVES duck hunting more than anyone i know. He would love hanging out. Is your son interested in learning to hunt for too? I know it will be different without your dad. It does get easier, it just takes about 5 years♡♡

    1. Lori–thanks for the comments. I suppose this next dove season will be difficult. only one time in the last 40 years did I not hunt a dove opener with my dad and that was when his dad died 30 years ago. I will have to connect with your son(s). I have a blind in Los Banos–maybe I could take him!! My son has gone a couple of times–the jury is still out if he really likes it?? TWT

  3. I loved reading your thoughts and part of your story and life experience. You’re genius for sure! Way to be vulnerable by sharing a tender part of your heart. I know your dad is watching over you with love and deep respect for the man that you are. I look forward to reading more!

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